...located in the center of Beijing and at the historical heart of China

  • 4 Years Operational in Mainland China with Experience Centered on International Production / Location Scouting / Casting Needs

  • Proprietary 3000+ Person Model Database
  • hand-built and hand-crafted : Internationals & Chinese of all ages ...with an emphasis on gorgeous authenticity and persons not available through any other agent

  • Proprietary 250+ Location Database
  • gathered from hundreds of productions together with the operational insights necessary to secure difficult venues

  • Custom Trained Production Assistant Team Built Upon a Decade of New York City Experience
  • cultural bridging for ease of international project arrivals in China

  • Translation / Vehicle Logistiics / Accomodations Booking Services
  • efficiency to every budget with special tour options and connections throughout China

  • Visa Services and Chinese Customs Savvy
  • down-to-earth answers for ever-changing structure rules

  • Consulting and Participation Track-Record
  • years of insight provided to global agents, ASMP / APA / PPA / FEP / CPA photographers, entrepreneurs, MBA students, accountants, and attorneys.American Chamber of Commerce listed and China white paper legislation participant.